A New Way of Resourcing
A New Way of Resourcing

The world is changing with full-scale demand to provide energy across the planet in a different way.

As we enter this increasingly interconnected environment, we need people who can drive this change and make a difference to all our futures.

We believe the future is now and we support this new frontier through recruitment of the best and most innovative thinkers, those dedicated to transformation and delivery.

Our people come from every background, bringing new solutions to Earth’s most pressing challenges.

Welcome to a new dawn in recruitment for the energy sector. Welcome to Surya.

How Can We Help You

It’s time for us to live with increased harmony on a global scale but we can only do this by creating meaningful and focused decisions at a local level.

Our specialist recruiters are trained to create value from grassroots to C-suite, seeing your business as a whole and understanding the pressure points.

We have an established global network and our Covid-19 response in 2020 is to support firms hire on home ground. Our aim is to support growth in renewable energy and green jobs, ensuring we emerge from the pandemic with a more sustainable world.

So, if you are looking for one person or a fully-fledged project team, for the now or the long-term, we are primed and ready to support you.

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