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BLOG: A New Day is Dawning – Welcome to Surya.

Wow. Never in any of the scenarios I mapped out in 2019 did I imagine I’d be writing about officially launching a business in the middle of a global pandemic from my home office.

When I started out on this journey it was the end of the summer last year and the biggest challenges we faced in recruitment were IR35 and Brexit. The business plan for Surya was set by January, at the beginning of March we were on track with a beautiful new brand and ready to set everything in motion.

But, we are learning now, together, that if there is one thing we can never know it’s what the future holds. In some respects we are almost going back in time, remembering things our grandparents told us about what is really important and why.

Family, friends, community, neighbours, colleagues and more simple living is coupled with a growing societal appreciation for the basis for all of this to happen – the environment and nature.

For the many years I’ve worked in energy recruitment, my own energy has become increasingly dedicated to the natural world.

Now, as more people experience the wonder of bird song and clearer skies, the issues about climate change and how we can live differently are increasingly prevalent and close to home.

Equally, among all of this there are harsh realities. The tragedies of so many families and the frontline workers bravely turning up every day on our behalf will always be in our hearts.

And, of course, Covid-19 has also created turmoil in the jobs market and the energy sector is no exception – many businesses have made or are facing tough decisions.

So, why launch a recruitment business now when the markets are as they are?

I have thought long and hard about this and, ultimately, it came down to the reason I wanted to create Surya Recruitment in the first place. We want to make a difference and help people meet tough challenges – no matter what the circumstances.

Now, as we recover from this pandemic, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to review how we have been living and I believe we must put green and non-fossil fuel energy and solutions at the heart of everything we do.

We want to help people move from traditional forms of energy production to renewables and environment. And I want to help businesses find people from diverse backgrounds, with different kinds of problem solvers and thinkers to help create a sustainable future.

That’s why we are ‘Surya’, which means ‘the sun’ in Sanskrit. We all live under the same sun, no matter what background, class or colour and we all have only one Earth on which to live.

As our brand message expresses, we must “find new ways to resource a changing world”.

This, undoubtedly, is no easy ride. But, we want to help the organisations we work with develop the best resourcing strategies and put the right people in the right places as we navigate these challenges. Indeed, these important steps will be formative in achieving important long-term goals.

We know we cannot control future events. We must learn to surrender to uncertainty. But for the things that are within our control I believe we have a huge opportunity to do things we never dreamed possible.

So, with this new dawn and (possibly bind!) optimism we welcome the day and welcome you to Surya. Thank you for reading.

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