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Welcome to the new way of resourcing in energy recruitment
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The world needs the right people in the energy sector right now.

Our aim at Surya is to support this and help meet serious targets set by organisations such as the European Commission which states by 2030 we need to have:

  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% (from 1990 levels)
  • Create a 32% share for renewable energy
  • See a 32.4% improvement in energy efficiency

Pre-pandemic it was estimated there were approximately 11 million jobs globally in the renewables energy sector alone and we are committed to helping our industry partners stay on track to deliver their ambitions.

As a key player in this sector you are a part of a worldwide network of:

  • Problem solvers
  • Experts
  • Doers

You are pulling together to make a difference to the way we source, supply and consume energy.

And at Surya we see ourselves as enablers in helping support these and other important goals.

We want to help you change the future.

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Your Career Horizon

We work to support you in finding the right horizon for not just your next career move but your life overall.

Our core aims are to understand:

  • What really motivates you
  • Where you see your future
  • Bring you into our community and extensive network
  • Apply market knowledge and insight to shape your next move

We work across multiple sectors with a key focus on:

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Solar, Storage & Electric Power
  • Onshore & Offshore Wind
Career Horizon

Areas of specialism (contract & permanent)

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Board & Senior Appointments

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Programme & Project Management

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Engineering & Technical

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Construction & Manufacturing

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Scientific & Analytics

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HR, Finance & Procurement

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Project Support & Business Support

Now is the time to come together and build resilient networks – and once we join forces, you become part of our progressive, inspiring community. You will be invited to webinars, seminars and events covering a range of relevant and interesting topics.

You will be given priority on all roles but also be able to recommend and nominate from your networks if the roles or events are not right for you.

Join us in building a new way of working.

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Team Surya - Under One Sun
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In January 2019, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) published their first report on diversity. Renewable Energy: A Gender  Perspective is a ground-breaking review looking at the role of women in renewable energy, encompassing a global survey and literature review.

They found that women represent

There is still a significant shortage of ethnic and minority individuals in key roles in the EU in particular and this is something we want to fix. We are building an inclusive and diverse talent community and want to hear from you – your thoughts and experiences.

  • There will be a considerable impact on these issues post-pandemic
  • We believe we and solve these problems together
  • Get in touch here to talk in confidence and see how we can help advise you and market you in a mutually beneficial direction

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