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From Mike Beesley, co-founder of our investors TIMESTWO

Recruitment and people-based businesses have been my stock-in-trade since I left university in the late 70s.

I’ve seen the industry through many changes as business and workforce needs developed. The past four decades has been filled with challenges, the most recent being the financial recession of the late 2000s.

These times test us all, individually, organisationally and societally. But they also present huge opportunity to review how things have been done before and, where needed, to do things differently.

And that is where Surya comes in.

Across industry we are faced with looking to the future to try and understand what can be done to make it a better place – healthier, cleaner and more sustainable – for the generations to come.

Anyone who has met Alka – and her team – can be in no doubt of the sincerity and passion that exists in abundance to support this mission.

At TIMESTWO we have been in awe of how much Alka has put into helping the community over the past few months and how much dedication she has shown to supporting colleagues, clients and candidates through difficult waters.

From the outset we believed in the potential of Surya and we still do. There is a genuine need for people from across our communities to come together and solve the world’s biggest problems and we need organisations like Surya to be supported and dedicated in finding them.

A brand for its time

All of us at TIMESTWO are delighted to see this fantastic brand come to life and are proud to work alongside Stuff Advertising as our brand partner.

The team were able to see the Surya vision and translate this into ‘find new ways of resourcing a changing world’ for the energy sector. So, in early 2020 they had already created a brand that was prescient in its message, and which has allowed us in many ways to deliver on its promise now.

This is the power of working in partnership.

It is the power of what true investment and collaboration can achieve and we are proud to help Surya on the way to what I hope is a long and prosperous road.

Of course, launching a new recruitment business during a global pandemic will have significant challenges. But, none of us know what the future holds and we believe the future of both the recruitment and energy sector is brighter now that Surya is in the world.

Mike Beesley is the CEO of Sanderson and co-founder of TIMESTWO Investments.

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